Author: Janne

Champagne tours – my DIY Champagne Region Day Trip

Champagne tours, my DIY Champagne region day trip didn’t go entirely to plan but turned out to be an unexpectedly brilliant way of exploring France’s Champagne region. It was great fun and I discovered so much that I will definitely be doing it again.

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Wine and cheese pairing adventures

My first adventure in pairing wine and cheese started with a book. Would the lightly oaked Californian Chardonnay with artisan Scottish cheeses be successful or a discordant flop?

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L’Autre Vie review, boutique hotel in Bordeaux vineyards

I was excited about staying in the middle of a vineyard in Bordeaux. But as our long drive through France brought us closer I was getting nervous that the small boutique hotel wouldn’t live up to its website’s promise Driving cautiously along the rough track, between rows of vines heavy with grapes, we caught our first glimpse of L’Autre Vie. A corner of one of the buildings was enough to tell us the website’s photos hadn’t lied. It really was nestled in the middle of vines.

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Rosé memories

Wonderful summer memories of a great food and wine combo enjoyed in the beautiful village of St Émilion, France

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