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Top 3 Wines to Pair with Steak

What are the best wines to have with steak? My top 3 red wines to pair with steak represent the best of the old and new worlds and a new world twist on an old world grape variety. The challenges of pairing wine with steak The best wines to have with steak are those that can hold their own against the meaty flavours and rich texture of steak. You want a red wine with strong complex flavours and rich tannins that will compliment and enhance your steak. Fortunately there are lots of wines to chose from. Unfortunately the number of...

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Cava Adventures! How I learnt to like Cava

I should love Cava. It is a sparkling wine after all, usually my favourite holiday tipple. Particularly when enjoyed as an aperitif before dinner whilst my husband sips his G&T. But I found myself ordering it rather reluctantly on our first evening in the Canary Islands. A puzzle My problem with Cava up until now has been pretty fundamental. A real show stopper in fact. I haven’t liked the taste of it. But why? It is made in the same way as my absolutely favourite aperitif, Crémant. It should have had the flavours I love. But somehow my overriding...

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Wine, an industry ripe for disruption

That was the claim by James Dawson, the founder of Humble Grape at this morning’s panel discussion at the London Wine Fair. Is he right? His argument is a good one. This is a complex industry, highly fragmented with costly and inefficient supply chains. With end consumers who are not experts. The type of industry that could be transformed by killer technology and business innovations. A Traditional Industry When I attended this wine fair last year it felt like a very traditional industry. The most innovative things I remember seeing were design led wine labels. Hardly cutting edge. Wine...

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Wine and cheese pairing adventures

My first adventure in pairing wine and cheese started with a book. Would the lightly oaked Californian Chardonnay with artisan Scottish cheeses be successful or a discordant flop?

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L’Autre Vie review, boutique hotel in Bordeaux vineyards

I was excited about staying in the middle of a vineyard in Bordeaux. But as our long drive through France brought us closer I was getting nervous that the small boutique hotel wouldn’t live up to its website’s promise Driving cautiously along the rough track, between rows of vines heavy with grapes, we caught our first glimpse of L’Autre Vie. A corner of one of the buildings was enough to tell us the website’s photos hadn’t lied. It really was nestled in the middle of vines.

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Rosé memories

Wonderful summer memories of a great food and wine combo enjoyed in the beautiful village of St Émilion, France

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Christmas 2016 wine – The Results!

How did my wine selections go down this Christmas? In my post before Christmas I gave you the low down on the wines I had selected. Some were tried and tested, some were new to me with the odd wild card thrown in for good measure. So how did it go? The Sparkles An Unexpected Hit and a Discovery What was expected? Usually everyone else in the family prefers Prosecco. It is me (ably assisted by my stepson) who are the Crémant nuts. In anticipation of the usual procedures I had made sure I had a number of bottles...

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Christmas wine fun

I love all the planning for Christmas (I am one of those weird creatures who loves to plan) and the food and wines are my domain. I have lots of fun thinking of options, selecting the best ones. But lots of pressure, will I get it right this year? Being Christmas I don’t have complete freedom of choice since we have lots of family traditions which I must keep to or face either family puzzlement (why did you change this?) to condemnation (why did you change this!). Fortunately most of our traditions are around food, starting with a traditional Norwegian Christmas Eve with slow roasted pork,...

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