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How2enjoywine makes it easy for you to pick the right wine for the food or occasion. Our navigation is specially devised to enable you to select wines based on the type of dish and occasion. 


Whether it be wine to enjoy with roast chicken for a family Sunday lunch, a rich bean vegan casserole for a relaxed weekday supper or a wine to impress your friends at a fancy dinner party. And not forgetting wines for when you just want to kick back and chill.


Our focus is on offering environmentally friendly wines, with a mix of those made sustainably as well as organic and biodynamic certified wines and/or vegan.


We love discovering smaller, often family run vineyards from across the world who are passionate about their wines. We want to share that passion with you as well as introducing you to new or unusual grape varieties and wine regions.



Janne Hallinan DipWSET

How2enjoywine was founded by Janne Hallinan DipWSET to make it easy for people to pick good wine. Janne started her wine journey via a career in accountancy and media. It made her appreciate how difficult it can be to navigate the vast wine choices available to select just the right wine for the food or occasion.

My (current) Favourite Wine

I have so many wines that I love, it is always difficult to choose just one to select as my favourite of the moment. But I enjoy the process of thinking about (and tasting!) different wines before deciding exactly which one to highlight.


The Juice Asylum Terzo Grado 2020

Fruity & funky quaffable Red, Organic, Biodynamic with No Added Sulphites

I love this bonkers wine. With its funky label it is light and refreshing and all about fruit, chunky cherry, blackcurrant, and blueberry. Highly quaffable and food friendly. Pairs well with aperitifs, pizza, charcuterie, chicken & turkey, pork & ham, fish, Asian and Italian dishes. Works with lots of vegetable dishes, pulses & lentils. Made with minimal intervention and wild yeasts.


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