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About Janne Hallinan - wine writer, presenter & educator

How2EnjoyWine was founded by Janne Hallinan DipWSET to make it easy for people to explore the world of wine. Having not come from a wine background herself she understands how difficult it can be to navigate the vast wine choices available.


Her passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge of wine is infectious.

“Janne guides you on an enjoyable journey of discovery”


Check out our relaxed informative videos on YouTube  @how2enjoywine, where Janne shares her passion for food & wine pairing with tips on the best wines with chicken & Turkey, steak, salmon, and lots more.



Janne’s wine qualifications include Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Levels 1 to 4 (Diploma).

She is a wine judge for WineGB and works with them in developing wine tourism across Britain, with a particular interest in her home region, East Anglia.

She writes for several publications as well as How2EnjoyWine.

Let’s hear from Janne herself….
I started my wine journey via a career in accountancy and media. Although I drank wine, I had very limited knowledge, which meant I tended to stick to the same grape varieties and wine brands. That was until I bought my now husband an eight-evening wine class for Christmas. I had to go along as well (of course!). My fascination for wine grew over those eight evenings.
I met my friend Melanie in the class, and it was she who encouraged me to follow my growing passion for wine. I signed up for the WSET level 1 course and loved it so much I kept on going.


It took a while, working and studying at the same time, but it was worth it. Setting up my own business How2EnjoyWine (a long-cherished ambition) and in 2021 passing the WSET Diploma in Wine.
Whether you are new to wine or are already immersed in the fascinating world of wine, I have created tastings, courses, information, and videos for you to enjoy and explore. 
Food & wine pairing is a real passion of mine and not having a wine background, I understand how difficult it can be to select wine for a particular meal or occasion. I have created videos and guides to help. 

filming of How2EnjoyWine's relaxed informative food and wine pairing videos


I was also keen to develop a new way to shop for wines, where you search for wines based on the food you are cooking or the occasion you are attending. Use our specially devised Wine Finder navigation to shop our online store based on the type of dish you are making or the occasion. Making it easier for you to find the perfect wine. 
How2EnjoyWine Club - quarterly wine boxes, wines tailored to the seasons How2EnjoyWine Club members receive 4 wine boxes a year, with wines paired for the foods and occasions of the coming season. I enjoy the challenge of selecting the wines each season, wines from around the world including exploring unusual grape varieties and wine regions, as well as staying closer to home with the best of British wines. 
Wine is a fascinating industry. Vineyard owners and wine makers are my favourite people. They are down to earth and practical, with a passion for what they do. I have developed relationships with a number of winemakers in England and Bordeaux, France. I enjoy being involved in the harvest, even when it is raining! How2EnjoyWine - Participating in a Bordeaux harvest- in the pouring rain!


Bringing together a range of their wines with other selected wines from across the world has been a wonderful experience. With a focus on environmentally friendly wines, from smaller, often family run vineyards, I can offer you some unique wines to enjoy in tastings, on courses, in our seasonal Wine Club boxes and to buy in How2EnjoyWine’s online store (UK mainland only).
I write extensively about wine, with key interests in food & wine pairing, English wines, wine tourism in the UK, sustainability, and the impact of climate change on the wine industry.


Join me in exploring the wonderful world of wine. 
Janne Hallinan, wine expert and founder of How2EnjoyWine

My (current) Favourite Wine

I have so many wines that I love, it is always difficult to choose just one to select as my favourite of the moment. But I enjoy the process of thinking about (and tasting!) different wines before deciding exactly which one to highlight.


The Juice Asylum Terzo Grado 2020

Fruity & funky quaffable Red, Organic, Biodynamic with No Added Sulphites

I love this bonkers wine. With its funky label it is light and refreshing and all about fruit, chunky cherry, blackcurrant, and blueberry. Highly quaffable and food friendly. Pairs well with aperitifs, pizza, charcuterie, chicken & turkey, pork & ham, fish, Asian and Italian dishes. Works with lots of vegetable dishes, pulses & lentils. Made with minimal intervention and wild yeasts.


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