Ameal Solo Único 2020

Tasting Note

Made by small producer Ameal, this wine is not typical of a Vinho Verde white as it is made entirely from the Loureiro grape variety.

Loureiro is not as aromatic or floral as the more usual Vinho Verde grape, Alvarinho, but is wonderfully fruity when made well.

This wine has that wonderful fruitiness, with green apple, pear, and mandarin, and a hint of warm spice.

It has been aged on fine lees, partly in stainless steel and partly in concrete eggs for 6 months, and has undergone spontaneous malolactic fermentation, all of which gives it a rounded richer texture. 

All of this, together with refreshing acidity, makes for a deliciously fruity white wine.

Food Pairing

white fish

The refreshing acidity and fruitiness of this white wine makes it ideal wine with seafood, white fish, and creamy and tomato sauces.

The rounded richer texture means it will also pair with richer foods like pink fish such as tuna and salmon, poached, smoked, and chargrilled. Chargrilled vegetables like courgette will also pair well.

Despite being a Portuguese wine, this would be a good choice with Italian foods like risottos and pastas featuring green vegetables, seafood, or fish.



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