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Ark Wines

Ark Wines is very much a family affair. It started when Hans and Kristin Engstrom, who settled in the UK from Sweden over 20 years ago, found a barn to convert at Mount Farm in the heart of the Stour Valley in Suffolk in 2018. The barn was ideal to convert into their forever home but crucially for Hans, it also had the potential for a vineyard.

Fortunately, their daughter Amanda shared his enthusiasm, she enrolled at Plumpton College to gain the viticulture and wine making skills they would need in their new adventure.

Discover more about what Amanda and Hans have created in this beautiful area of Suffolk in our Review of Ark Wines.

Ark Wines - Tasting Notes 

I have written about Hans and Amanda’s innovative approach in the vineyard and winery (read more here…), this gives rise to a great range of wines. They focus on still wines, with two whites, a Pinot Gris rosé and two different reds.

Ark Wines Bacchus 2021 – tasting note

 Ark Wines 2021 Bacchus wine bottle in garden 

Winner of a bronze medal at Wine GB East’s 2023 awards, this is an English Bacchus with a difference.

Amanda and Hans made their Bacchus as usual then forgot about it.

Meaning it got an extra 9 months ageing in old oak.

What did those extra 9 months do to the taste?

Ark’s 2021 Bacchus has the bright refreshing acidity and aromatic character to be expected from an English Bacchus, with delicious lemon on the palate.

It has added herbal notes, lemon peel and a wonderful, rounded mouthfeel which set it apart and make for a Bacchus which will pair particularly well with food.  

Ark Wines Chardonnay Bacchus – tasting note

 Ark Wines Chardonnay Bacchus blend

Floral blossom aromas from the Bacchus on the nose, with apple, pear, and citrus flavours, this is a deliciously light yet intensely fruity flavoured wine.

With its pronounced fruitiness, depth of flavour and rounded mouthfeel, this is a white wine which works equally well enjoyed chilled on its own or with food.

It was perfect with the kedgeree I had recently. The refreshing acidity in the wine cutting through the creaminess of the dish, and the fruitiness of the wine holding its own with intensity of the fish.

Ark Wines Pinot Gris Rosé – tasting note

 Ark Wines Rosé bottle

Pinot Gris (or Pinot Grigio) is a pinkish mutation of Pinot Noir.

Most famous for making white wines it can be used for making rosés.

I haven’t come across many Pinot Gris rosés, particularly English ones, and Ark have made a delicious wine.


Ark Wines Pinot Noir 2021 – tasting note

Ark Wines Pinot Noir bottle in garden

Winner of a bronze medal at Wine GB East’s 2023 awards, Ark’s Pinot Noir has a lovely balance of red fruits and tannins, with refreshing acidity.

Fermented in stainless steel to retain the fruit, it was then aged for 12 months in barrel, partly new and partly used. 

This adds complexity of toast and smoke from the new barrels whilst enhancing and smoothing the tannins. A great wine for charcuterie.

Ark Ripasso Noir – tasting note


Made partly from Acolon grapes which are dried using the Italian Passito method, it is an exceptional English still wine, which unfortunately has sold out. A wonderful example of Hans and Amanda’ innovation. 

Where to taste and buy Ark wines


Ark’s wines are available on their 

Rabbits at The Bush - Shimpling

Taste Ark’s wines by the glass (and buy a bottle), along with wines from several other local Stour Valley vineyards at Hans and Amanda’s latest adventure, village pub The Bush at Shimpling. Contact them in advance if you would like to enjoy a relaxed guided tasting with Amanda. Email:
Facebook: @ Rabbits at The Bush - Shimpling.



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