Best Wines with Steak

Food and wine pairing and the best wines to pair with steak simply explained.

In less than 5 minutes, Janne Hallinan explains the best wines for different cuts and cooking methods, from a rare fillet steak with no sauce to a well-done ribeye with a peppercorn sauce, great wines to choose from.

Janne’s recommendations of best wines with different foods, focus on wine styles, grape varieties, and regions.

If like us, you have gone into a wine shop or store to get the specific wine recommended in a video or blog, not been able to find it and then felt completely lost looking at the sea of wines on the shelves. Then how2EnjoyWine’s food and wine pairing videos are for you.

By recommending wines based on grape varieties, wine styles and regions you have lots more options to choose from, and less stress, in the wine shop or store.



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