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Best Wines for Christmas

Christmas is a fabulous flavour-fest. With so many meals to consider, not just the main event of Christmas Dinner, but also Christmas Day breakfast, Boxing Day and all those meals...

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Top 6 Wines with Salmon

Top 6 wines to pair with salmon. Janne Hallinan DipWSET shares her top wines to have with salmon. Whether it’s smoked or poached, with a sauce or without, there are...

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Best Wines with Salmon

Food and wine pairing and the best wines to pair with salmon simply explained. In less than 4 minutes, our founder Janne Hallinan, DipWSET, explains the best wines to pair...

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Best Wines with Steak

Food and wine pairing and the best wines to pair with steak simply explained. In less than 5 minutes, Janne Hallinan explains the best wines for different cuts and cooking...

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Our Approach to Wine Recommendations

The wine recommendations given in How2EnjoyWine’s food and wine pairing posts and videos focus on wine styles and grape varieties, with countries and regions where relevant.   By giving you...

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Explore Wine Styles

Muscat de Beaumes de Venise

Could this be the best fortified wine! Read and Watch: Muscat Beaumes de Venise Explained. A stand out sweet white fortified wine made in the Rhone Valley. Wonderfully aromatic, delicious...

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Deliciously varied wine styles. Read and Watch: Madeira Explained. In many ways these are the easiest fortified wines to understand. They are all aged in oxygen with the addition of...

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Port Wines

Let's understand Port. Read and Watch: Port Wines Explained. All Port is sweet and has alcohol of around 19% to 22%. Most are red but you also get White Ports...

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Fortified Wines Explained

Do you know your Sherries from your Ports? Are you baffled by Madeira? Banish your bafflement with this relaxed and informative video. Learn to identify what the wines will taste...

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